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PCG-Organization-Icon.pngThe Alaska Historical Society (AHS) is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to the promotion of Alaska history by the exchange of ideas and information, the preservation and interpretation of resources, and the education of Alaskans about their heritage. Governed by a 15-member board, the Society provides a forum and a vehicle to achieve these goals. AHS is a membership organization with 430+ members. If you would like to join us, visit our membership page.


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Canned Salmon Exports to Britain

Date Posted: December 5, 2014       Categories: Alaska's Historic Canneries

by Ross Coen From the very start of the salmon packing industry in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska in the nineteenth century, Great Britain was by far the largest importer of canned salmon, in some years accounting for up to 95% of the total export market. The packers accordingly designed their labels to appeal to […]

Mystery of the Copper River

Date Posted: December 5, 2014       Categories: News

For those who may have missed the showing of the movie “The Mystery of the Copper River” at the AHS meeting in Seward, it will be showing at the Anchorage Film Festival on Sunday, December 7 at 7pm and Monday, December 8 at 7pm at the Alaska Experience Theater in downtown Anchorage. The movie was […]

2015 Governor’s Award

Date Posted: December 5, 2014       Categories: News

CHAMP Day, January 2015

Date Posted: December 5, 2014       Categories: News

Being a “Politically Correct” Historian while Being an Honest Historian, or Going For Middle Ground

Date Posted: December 4, 2014       Categories: 49 History

by Lael Morgan   Editor’s note: It probably goes without saying, and yet I’m going to say it anyway, that readers should be forewarned the post below on the use of coarse racial language in historical accounts contains coarse racial language. The editor hopes Lael’s piece will open a dialogue on this important historiographical issue. […]