Rusty Lancashire baking bread in her cabin on top of Pickle Hill, located in Ridgeway between Soldotna and Kenai, 1952. Courtesy Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center.
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Past Issues

Past issues of Alaska History are listed below. To purchase past issues note what issues are listed for sale below and then go to the "Purchase Publications" page, download the form and email your order to the email address listed on the page.


Past Issues
Volume 26 / Number 1/ Spring 2011
Mary Alice Cook, "Manifest Opportunity: The Alaska Purchase as a Bridge Between United States Expansion and Imperialism"
Chris Allan, "'All the Hell I Needed': The U.S. Geological Survey and the Search for Arctic Oil"
Volume 25 / Number 2/ Fall 2010
Ross Coen, "'If One Should Come Your Way, Shoot It Down': The Alaska Territorial Guard and the Japanese Balloon Bomb Attack of World War II"
Andrei Grinev, "The Ethnic Face of Newcomers to Russian America"
Eric Wohlforth, "Alaska's First Big Fiscal Venture: The Financing of the State Ferry System"

Volume 25 / Number 1/ Spring 2010
Ryan Jones, "Lisiansky's Mountain: Changing Views of Nature in Russian America"
Preston Jones, "Loyalty and Civic Culture on the Farthest Frontier: Anchorage and the Great War, 1917-1919"
Louis L. Renner, S.J., "Firewood to Feed Fourteen Mission Stoves"

Volume 24 / Number 2/ Fall 2009
Chris Allan, "The Brief Life and Strange Times of the Hickel Highway: Alaska's First Arctic Haul Road"
Andrei Grinev, "'Advanced in Age, Decrepit and Unfit': Colonial Citizens and the Formation of a Permanent Russian Population in Alaska"
Frank Norris, "Drawing a Line in the Tundra: Conservationists and the Mount McKinley Park Road'"

Volume 24 / Number 1/ Spring 2009
Ross Coen, "Not Old Enough to Vote But Able to Support Statehood: University of Alaska Students and the Statehood Movement"
Gary C. Stein, "'The Old Man is Good Drunk Now': Captain Michael A. Healy and the Cruise of 1889"
Louis L. Renner, "Alaska Catholic Mission Boats: 'A Very Practical System for Summer Work'"
Volume 23 / Numbers 1 & 2 / Spring/Fall 2008
Sarah Crawford Isto, "Earl F. Graves and Jule B. Loftus: Territorial Veterinarians for the Fur Farms"
Andrei V. Grinev, "The Watchful Eye of the Empire: Passports and Passport Controls in Russian America"
Chris Allan, "Save Fort Egbert!: How the People of Eagle Reclaimed Their Past"
cover of volume 22, Nos. 1&2 Volume 22 / Numbers 1 & 2 / Spring/Fall 2007
Andrei V. Grinev, "A Fifth Column in Alaska: Native Collaborators in Russian America"
Gordon S. Harrison, "Alaska's Constitutional 'Literacy Test' and the Question of Voting Discrimination"
Coleen Mielke, "An Alaskan Pioneer, 1855-1930""
 Volume 21 / Number 2 / Fall 2006
T. Ahllund, "From the Memoirs of a Finnish Workman"
Gary Scharnhorst, "Kate Field on 'Despised Alaska': 1887-1894"
Robert E. King, "President Harding's 1923 Visit to Alaska in 3-D!""

Volume 21 / Number 1 / Spring 2006
Chris Allan, "Symbolic Acts and the Claiming of Alaska"
Andrei V. Grinev, "The Gold of Russian America: The Gold Rush That Didn't Happen"
Robert N. DeArmond and Terrence Cole, "George Holt: First White Man Across the Chilkoot Pass"

Volume 20 / Number 2 / Fall 2005
Claus-M. Naske, "William Spratling's Plan for a Native Alaska Arts and Craft Program"
Thomas Alton, "Politics, Economics, and the Schools: Roots of Alaska Native Language Loss Since 1867"
Preston Jones, "Yankees in Parkas: Native Influence at Nome, 1900-1920"
Volume 20 / Number 1 / Spring 2005
James H. Ducker, "Reindeer Rescue: The 1898 Reindeer Drive to Barrow"
David Eric Jessup, "The Rise and Fall of Katalla: 'The Coming Metropolis of Alaska'"
"C. W. Snedden Recollects the Campaign for Statehood" introduction by John S. Whitehead
Volume 19 / Numbers 1 & 2 / Spring/Fall 2004
Andrei V. Grinev, "Why Russia Sold Alaska: The View from Russia"
Preston Jones, "At the Edge of Empire: Forging Americanness in Nome, 1899-1905"
Jerry E. Green, "Riverboat Technology and Riverboat Builders for the Yukon River, 1896-1906"
Volume 18 / Numbers 1 & 2 / Spring/Fall 2003 SOLD OUT
Mary Breu, "Pioneer and Prisoner: Etta Jones in Alaska"
Daniel Nelson, "Idealism and Organization: Origins of the Environmental Movement in Alaska"
Katherine Johnson, "Life on the Razor's Edge: The Story of a Clam Cannery at Kukak Bay"
Volume 17 / Numbers 1 & 2 / Spring/Fall 2002
Andrei V. Grinev, "The Dynamics of the Administrative Elite of the Russian-America Company"
Candy Waugaman, "Capturing Alaska's Image: Pre-Statehood Alaskan Photographers"
Volume 16 / Numbers 1 & 2 / Spring/Fall 2001
Frank Norris, "Keeping Time in Alaska: National Directives, Local Responses"
Claus-M. Naske, "Alaska in the Mix"
Robert E. King, "The Klondike Gold Rush in 3-D: The Keystone View Company and John P. Clum"
Volume 15 / Number 2 / Fall 2000 SOLD OUT
Andrei V. Grinev, "The Kaiury: The Slaves of Russian America"
William Hanable, "Nome's First Aerial Flight: The Alaska Flying Expedition of 1920"
Mike Dunning, "Tourism in Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska"
Beverly Churchill, "A Gold Rush Family's Saga in Candle"
Volume 15 / Volume 1 / Spring 2000
Steve K. Lloyd, "The Loss of the S.S. Edith, August 1915"
Cliff Fuglestad, "A Railroad to Iditarod: The End of an Era"
Frank Norris, "Skagway, the White Pass Railroad, and the Struggle to Build the Klondike Highway"
Michael Naab, "Ketchikan's Hunt Family Collection"
Volume 14 / Numbers 1 & 2 / Spring/Fall 1999
C. Michael Brown, "John K. Hajdukovich and the Tetlin Indians, 1924-1941"
Hannah L. Mitson, "The King-Havenner Bill of 1940: Dashed Hopes for a Jewish Immigration Haven in Alaska"
Robert E. King, "Northern Alaska's First Printing Press and its Sometimes Curious History"
Jane Haigh, "Stephen Foster: Photographing Kantishna River People"
Volume 13 / Numbers 1 & 2 / Spring/Fall 1998
Andrei A. Znamenski, "Native Culture Through Orthodox Eyes: Russian Missionary Ioann Bortnovsky on the Dena'ina and Ahtna, 1896-1907"
Elizabeth A. Tower, "Anthony J. Dimond: Statehood Pioneer"
Morgan Sherwood, "The Annotated Schmalz: A Lighter Look at the Campaign for Statehood"
James H. Ducker, "Stevens Village Life, 1910-1912: The Photographs of Lawyer E. Rivenburg"
Volume 12 / Number 2 / Fall 1997
J. Brooks Flippen, "Mr. Hickel Goes to Washington"
Jonathan R. Dean, "The Sea Otter War of 1810: Russia Encounters the Tsimshians"
Charles M. Mobley and Karen Hofstad, "Reconstructing Tonka"
Volume 12 / Number 1 / Spring 1997 SOLD OUT
A. V. Grinev, "The Forgotten Expedition of Dmitrii Tarkhanov on the Copper River"
Morgan Sherwood, "A North Pacific Bubble, 1902-1907"
Rolfe G. Buzzell, "Life in a Mining Camp: Flat, Alaska"
Volume 11 / Number 2 / Fall 1996
Timothy Rawson, ""I Hope the Sheep Will Bless You': Belmore Browne, Adolphe Murie, and the Wolves of Mount McKinley"
Andrei A. Znamenski, ""Athapaskan Church, Russian Orthodox': The Tanainas' Encounter with Russian Orthodox Missionaries, 1893-1917"
Terrence M. Cole, "Polar Cartoon Characters: Cook, Peary, and the Race to the Pole"
Volume 11 / Number 1 / Spring 1996
Robert E. King, "Captain Elias W. Johnston: Gold Rush Transportation Businessman"
Geoffrey T. Bleakley, "Murder on the Koyukuk: The Hunt for the Blueberry Kid"
Bill Johnson, "Fort Greely's Remote Reactor: Alaska's Experiment with Nuclear Power"
R. Bruce Parham, "Benjamin Haldane and the Portraits of a People"
Volume 10 / Number 2 / Fall 1995 SOLD OUT
Gordon C. Bettles, "Why I Came to Alaska"
Frederick Schwatka, "Schwatka's Hydraulic Hurdle Race: The New York Ledger Expedition in Alaska, 1891"
Kathleen Lopp Smith, "Tom and Ellen Lopp and the Natives of Wales, 1890-1902"
Volume 10 / Number 1 / Spring 1995
Dan Sutherland, "Dan Sutherland: Gold Rush Pioneer and Politician"
Clark C. Spence, "Fairbanks Exploration Goes to War"
Robert E. King, "Truman W. Ingersoll: Alaskan Stereo-Photographer and Publisher"
  Volume 9 / Number 2 / Fall 1994 SOLD OUT
Dirk Tordoff, "Airplanes on Denali"
Suzanne Summerville and David Hales, "Into the Wild Blue Yonder: The Story of Robert M. Crawford"
Elizabeth A. Tower, "Railroad Fever in Valdez, 1898-1907: An Account by George C. Hazelet"
Elfrida Nord, "The War on Tuberculosis in Alaska, 1945-1960: A Look at the Role of Public Health Nursing"
Volume 9 / Number 1 / Spring 1994 SOLD OUT
Jonathan R. Dean, ""Their Nature and Qualities Remain Unchanged': Russian Occupation and Tlingit Resistance, 1802-1867"
Robert W. King, "Without Hope of Immediate Profit: Oil Exploration in Alaska, 1898-1953"
Robert E. King, "The Pribilof Islands in the 1870s: The Stereo-Photographs of Dr. Hugh H. McIntyre"
Volume 8 / Number 2 / Fall 1993
Brian C. Hosmer, ""White Men Are Putting Their Hands Into Our Pockets': Metlakatla and the Struggle for Resource Rights in British Columbia, 1862-1887"
Patricia Roppel, "The Gold of Rodman Bay"
Morgan Sherwood, "Polly's Denali"
Volume 8 / Number 1 / Spring 1993 SOLD OUT
Louis L. Renner, S.J., "The Koyukon Athapaskan Stickdance and the Changed Attitude of the Jesuit Missionaries Toward It"
Leonard Schlup, "'An Arrogant Rogue and Hypocrite': Governor Swineford's Letter to Secretary Lamar Regarding Sheldon Jackson"
James VanStone, "Early Twentieth Century Dena'ina Athapaskan and Yup'ik Eskimo Settlements in Southwest Alaska: Rare Photographs by W. H. Osgood, 1902"
Gretchen Lake, "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming, Fifty Years Ago, the Russians Were Coming"
Volume 7 / Number 2 / Fall 1992 SOLD OUT
Lael Morgan, "Writing Minorities Out of History: Black Builders of the Alcan Highway"
John Whitehead, "The Governor Who Opposed Statehood: The Legacy of Jay Hammond"
Bruce Merrell, "'A Wild, Discouraging Mess': John Muir Reports on the Klondike Gold Rush"
Leif B. Abel, "Linking Columbus, Discovery, Gold and the Potato to Eagle, Alaska's Early Pioneers"
Terrence Cole, "Look at the Camera and Smile: The Photographs of Basil Clemons"
Volume 7 / Number 1 / Spring 1992
Joseph Sullivan, "Sourdough Radicalism: Labor and Socialism in Alaska, 1905-1920"
Frank Norris, "Cargoes North: Containerization and Alaska's Postwar Shipping Crisis"
Gordon S. Harrision, "Streamlining the Legislature: Pursuit of Unicameral Reform in Alaska"
M. Diane Brenner, "Life in Cook Inlet: Tom Odale's Photographs"
Volume 6 / Number 2 / Fall 1991 SOLD OUT
Elizabeth A. Tower, "Hazelet's High Road to Chisana: Tapping a Gold Mine for Cordova"
Catherine Holder Spude, "Bachelor Miners and Barbers' Wives: The Common People of Skagway in 1900"
India Spartz and Ron Inouye, "Fhoki Kayamori: Amateur Photographer of Yakutat, 1912-41"
Volume 6 / Number 1/ Spring 1991
Ernest S. Burch, Jr., "From Skeptic to Believer: The Making of an Oral Historian"
Terrence M. Cole, "Promoting the Pacific Rim: The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition of 1909"
Joan M. Antonson, "Of Gold and Miners: Independence Mine State Historical Park"
Volume 5 / Number 2 / Fall 1990
Terrence Cole, "The Bridge to Tomorrow: Visions of the Bering Strait Bridge"
Patricia Roppel, "'Have I Got a Deal for You!': Mining Frauds on Douglas Island"
Carol A. Edwards, "Scientists as Photographers: The United States Geological Survey Photographs of Alaska"
Volume 5 / Number 1 / Spring 1990 SOLD OUT
Elizabeth A. Tower, "Captain David Henry Jarvis: Alaska's Tragic Hero--Wickersham's Victim"
Robert N. DeArmond, "Saginaw Jake: Navy Hostage, Indian Policeman, Celebrity"
Ronald K. Inouye, "Harry Sotaro Kawabe: Issei Businessman of Seward and Seattle"
Lynette Walton, "The Lomen Brothers: Photographers of Nome"
Volume 4 / Number 2 / Fall 1989 SOLD OUT
Peter Coates, "Project Chariot: Alaskan Roots of Environmentalism"
Gary Stevens, "Rasputin is Alive and Well and Living in Kodiak"
Stephen Haycox, "Alaska Native Brotherhood Conventions: Sites and Grand Officers, 1912-1959"
Sandra M. Faulkner, "Celebrating Alaska's Past: The National Park Service in Sitka"
Volume 4 / Number 1 / Spring 1989 SOLD OUT
Kenneth Coates and Judith Powell, "Whitehorse and the Building of the Alaska Highway, 1942-1946"
Richard A. Pierce, "Reconstructing "Baranov's Castle'"
Kathleen Lidfors, Stephen Haycox, and Morgan Sherwood review Michener's Alaska: Comments at the Society's Annual Meeting, 1988"
Renee Blahuta, "Phinney S. Hunt: Portrait of a Photographer, 1866-1917"
Volume 3 / Number 2 / Fall 1988 SOLD OUT
Stephen Haycox, "Early Aviation in Anchorage: Ambivalent Fascination with the Air Age"
Robert Fortuine, "Scurvy in the Early History of Alaska: The Haves and the Have-Nots"
Joan M. Antonson and Judith E. Bittner, "Big Delta State Historical Park: A Glimpse at Life in Interior Alaska, 1904-1947"
Volume 3 / Number 1 / Spring 1988
Ann Fienup-Riordan, "Martyrdom of Brother Hooker: Conflict and Conversion on the Kuskokwim"
Katherine L. Arndt, "Russian Relations with the Stikine Tlingit, 1833-1867"
Arsenio Rey-Tejerina, "Spanish Exploration of Alaska, 1774-1796"
Margaret B. Allan, "Ward W. Wells, Jr.: Photographer of Modern Alaska"
Volume 2 / Number 2 / Fall 1987 SOLD OUT
Frank Norris, "Showing Off Alaska: The Northern Tourist Trade, 1878-1941"
Augustus J. Veenendaal, Jr., "Guilders for Gold: Dutch Interest in the Alaska Central Railway Company"
William Schneider, "The Way the Old-Timers Tell It: Oral Sources of Alaska History"
Phyllis DeMuth, "James Wickersham: Collector of Pioneer Alaskana"
  Volume 2 / Number 1 / Spring 1987 SOLD OUT
Clark C. Spence, "The Ernst-Alaska Dredging Company: Small Dredge Technology on the Nome Beaches, 1910-1920"
Stephen Haycox, "William Paul, Sr., and the Alaska Voters' Literacy Act of 1925"
Robert Fortuine, "Early Evidence of Infections Among Alaska Natives"
Robert L. S. Spude and Sandra McDermott Faulkner, "World War II at Dutch Harbor: Preserving the Record"
Volume 1 / Number 2 / Fall/Winter 1985/86 SOLD OUT
William Schneider, "Chief Sesui and Lieutenant Herron: A Story of Who Controls the Bacon"
Louis L. Renner, S.J., "Francis A. Barnum, S.J.: Pioneer Alaskan Missionary and Linguist"
Mari Sardy, "Early Contact Between Aleuts and Russians, 1741-1780"
Katherine Arndt, trans., "Memorandum of Captain 2nd Rank Golovin on the Condition of the Aleuts in the Settlements of the Russian-American Company and on its Promyshlenniki"
"The Frontier Letters of a Post Commander's Wife: Marietta Davis at Sitka, 1867"
Volume 1 / Number 1 / Fall 1984 SOLD OUT
Ted C. Hinckley, "Alaska Pioneer and West Coast Town Builder, William Sumner Dodge"
Dorothy Jean Ray, "The Sinuk Mission: Experiment in Eskimo Relocation and Acculturation"
Morgan Sherwood, "Seal Poaching in the North Pacific: Japanese Raids on the Pribilofs, 1906"
Marvin W. Falk, "Bibliography of Translated Alaskan Materials"

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